Sell-Side Services

Peak Strategy Advisors guides each client through a step by step sales process, designing, implementing, and executing a strategic, discreet and competitive sales process. Peak’s sell-side services include: Pre-marketing, Marketing and Closing.

Pre-Marketing: As we learn about your business, Peak will draft a Confidential Memorandum outlining the history of your company, organizational structure, operations, competition future outlook and a financial model that illustrates the current earnings of the company. While drafting this Memorandum, Peak will also work with the client to create a marketing strategy and prospect list.

Marketing: Peak will contact and screen prospective buyers, administer all necessary legal documentation to insure confidentiality, transfer information as needed and act as a third party liaison to protect client’s time and privacy. It is Peak’s responsibility at this stage to solicit as much interest as possible from prospects, and at the same time, protect your company’s confidentiality and resources of time.

Closing: Once Peak has obtained appropriate levels of interest it is time for the Company and Peak to close the deal. Working with the client’s appointed advisors, Peak will help negotiate deal terms in order to maximize the client’s objectives. Once the terms of the transaction are negotiated, Peak will continue to work with the client throughout the due diligence process and communicate with both the buyer’s and seller’s team members, including the accountants, lawyers and bankers.